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Lexi Potter

Soph Bell  |  Administrative Assistant

Soph is a West Seattle native. They enjoy going to the beach, hammocking, reading and drawing. Soph spends most of their time between Seattle and Bellingham, where they attended Western Washington University. In Bellingham Soph enjoys hiking, hanging out with their sisters and friends, and just enjoying the sunshine.

After coming out as non-binary and trans, Soph was apprehensive about joining a new work environment, but after starting at Causey Wright they were met with immense compassion and support from the whole team and was welcomed with open arms right away. Soph soon came to realize that Causey Wright celebrates and thrives off diversity, they greatly value the work done at CW and the amicable work environment the team has created, so they come in everyday ready to tackle their assignments and work to the best of their ability.