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Kristin Jagla

Kristin Jagla  |  Paralegal

After spending 4 years as a stay-at-home mom, Kristin re-joined the workforce in early 2017. She started working for the State of Washington at The Department of Labor and Industries, as an office assistant. Kristin realized that this could be a very fulfilling career and moved her way up the ranks becoming a workers’ compensation adjudicator. One of her main passions as an adjudicator was helping workers who have been injured on the job get back to work. Wanting to expand her knowledge of the workers’ compensation world, Kristin took a job as a Retro Group TPA assisting employers with their claims. She got to explore her passion further as a return-to-work specialist and claims manager I & II. She is excited to bring her workers’ compensation knowledge to the team and to take on the task of truly advocating for injured workers.

When Kristin is not working, she is caring for her two boys, Gavin, and Rowan, her two pugs, Archie, and Lucy (honorable mention to Ruby, her mother in law's pug who also lives with them) and spending time with her husband, Jake. Kristin enjoys family dance parties, pug parties, Asian cuisine, and fun day hikes.