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Lauri Watkins

Lauri Watkins  |  Paralegal & Litigation Coordinator

Lauri graduated cum laude from St. Mary's College of Maryland with a B.A. in English, but has been working in law since she was tall enough to reach a photocopier; her father and sister share a Tax Certiorari/Condemnation practice in White Plains, New York - Watkins & Watkins Law. Here in Seattle, she worked in general insurance defense and corporate copyrights before finally finding a firm that fights for individuals, joining Causey Wright in 2003.

As Causey Wright's Litigation Coordinator, Lauri tracks case deadlines and coordinates with all of the various parties to allow us to efficiently present our client's workers’ compensation cases before the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals. She provides litigation support along the way, and processes all of Causey Wright's Superior Court appeals.

In our Longshore and Defense Base Act practice, Lauri works with claimants injured in locations from the shipyard to Afghanistan. If you want to contact a law firm about your claim but are concerned that you swear like a sailor, don’t worry – that’s our clientele!

When not fighting for truth, justice, and the American way here at Causey Wright, Lauri can be found dancing, crafting, and exploring with her son, Oscar; attending shows in Seattle's vibrant fringe theater scene, particularly her old haunt Theater Schmeater; volunteering for the latest amazing event from Ignition Northwest; bringing artistic outlets to the public, via events like Seattle’s (PARK)ing Day; or dreaming of returning to Burning Man.